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beautiful waterfall

Are you itching to get your own top-quality photographs to show off in your home or to impress friends? I can take you to the most amazing places, I know what time of the year and what time of the day to get the very best photos. If you have a decent camera (preferably an SLR, but any semi-professional camera will do) I can help you get the best out of it. Don’t worry if you don’t know what this button does or that button does. I can get you taking amazing photos on your very first day and incredible ones by the end of the tour.

Be aware though, to get the very best photos that no one else has, it will take effort. If you are looking for a café’ latte holiday with a few snaps of the sunrise over the beach. Then my tours will not be for you. If you like to wine and dine in a 5 star restaurant and sit around a pool all day and expect people to wait on you- then it’s not going to happen on my tours.

I am offering a way to see Australia like no one else can ever show you. You may have to get up early, you may have to stay up late. You may have to endure long distances in the car at a time. You may have to be prepared to walk, climb and sometimes wait for the right moment to get that photograph of your dreams. But you will love it. If trekking 5 kilometres to a pristine waterfall, having a glass of wine and a salad or sandwich while you allow nature to fall around you, having a swim in a pristine water hole with amazing waterfalls nearby, while butterflies dance around you and beautiful tropical fish swim next to you sounds inviting, then my tours might be just what you are looking for.

But it’s not all about photography! The following are some things you might see and do on your trip

· Snorkel and dive the barrier reef

· Do an Aboriginal cultural tour

· Experience Aboriginal artwork and relics

· Find and see non-commercialised Aboriginal Artwok

· See a bit of history

· See crocodiles in their natural habitat

· See native animals up close- maybe a koala, snake, Kangaroo

· Watch massive whales breaching

· See the dolphins playing

· Catch a Barra

· Catch your own fish and then have it cooked for you or cook your own that night

· Watch crocodiles stalking and catching their food


Contact me to discuss your holiday tour of a lifetime.

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