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beautiful gorge and waterfall

Whether you are from Australia or overseas, it can be daunting to try and plan an adventure holiday, especially as Australia is so large and often has such vast distances between places of interest. Many National Park camping, and other areas must be booked ahead and how do you know how long to spend in each place? or how long it takes to drive between them? Or what vehicle you need? Or what accommodation you need?

I can tailor a holiday for you. I will work with your travel dates and suggest best times to travel each area (Australia is so large there are definitely best times to see different areas) , offer suggestions on what to see, how long to allow, how far the travel is, I will work with what vehicle you have or plan to get, I can even keep in contact with you on your trip and advise you on what to see next or how to solve problems like breakdowns etc.

You will just need to tell me what sort of places you want to see, how long you have to travel, where you will be starting from and where you would like to finish. I will plan you a holiday of your lifetime and a holiday that is like no other. The cost of my planning will be recouped by the money you save on your trip with my suggestions of free camping areas and other money saving tips.

What you get;

· An extensive list of exotic locations tailored to your needs and interests

· Advice on what vehicle to hire or buy, or to tailor your trip to the vehicle you already have.

· Advice on how to keep your budget in shape, my trips are specialised to save you money

· A plan to see more than the tourist brochures offer or even know about.

· Ongoing travel support during your trip by email or phone

Send me an email on to discuss your holiday of a lifetime.

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